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Refund and Return Policy TiMarkets

The refund and return policies have been developed for the express purpose of reduction of all legal and financial risks of TiMarkets.com. One purpose of this policy is to be in strict compliance with the observance of all the applicable principles of the governing policy of counteraction of financing of all terrorist activity as well as the policy for the counteraction of all money laundering activities.

TiMarkets.com has the unalienable right to unilaterally block any private profile of any individual trading on its site. Moreover, it holds for itself the right to suspend any and all trade activities on different accounts that conduct forex related trade at the website. It also retains for itself legal right to cancel transactions, or even to return all the monies invested therein if it believes that said monies and funds may be used as a source of money or funds for any activity of the customer or client that actively contradicts the governing policies regarding money laundering and/or the financing of terrorism and terrorist activities.

TiMarkets.com will not cancel any of the realized commercial transactions. This is why TiMarkets has the legal right to return all monies and funds to the individual. That is within a calendar month from the moment of account activation in case there has been no recorded trade activity.

TiMarkets has the legal right to return money due to certain objective reasons. This can include any and all funds received through any sort of payment system, including but not just restricted to credit and debit cards. In such a case, all such refunds will be executed as per electronic purses, and/or the banking details and channels that the customer provided during the initial input of money with TiMarkets.

In case TiMarkets decides to classify the activity of a customer as inappropriate or if it feels that it is in any way contradictory to the generally accepted usual purpose of use of services i.e. it feels that there is a clear, direct, or even indirect intention to conduct unfair or illegal transactions, then TiMarkets has the legal right within the ambit of the law to take certain actions without informing the customer beforehand.

TiMarkets will take all necessary and legally required steps and measures to both prevent and block the input as well as the withdrawal of and by third parties of any amount of money from the account of our customers. All input and output of funds from an account can only be carried out by the actual owner of the account in question.

Initiating the Return Process

In order to initiate the return process, the customer has to submit a formal cancellation request to TiMarkets.com. This request must contain the following information at the very least but not limited to:

  • The full name of the customer
  • This up to date residential address;
  • His contact information
  • His personal trading account number(s)
  • The initial payment amount, the date of payment, and the payment method

Once all of this information has been received, TiMarkets will initiate the refund of the funds belonging to the customer.

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