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Copy trade platform

Copy Trade Platform

Copy trading enables online traders who are active in the financial markets to automatically and safely copy open positions that are managed by an investor that they have selected.

Here, copy trading links a certain portion of the copying trader's core funds to the account of the investor who is being copied.

In this case, any trading action that has been made by the copied investor is also executed in the copying traders’ own account. This is done as per the pre-determined proportion between the copying trader's originally allotted copy trading funds and the investor's account. These can include assigning various stop loss and/or take profit orders, or even opening or closing a position.

The copying trader will almost always retain the ability to disconnect their investments from the copied trades. Apart from that, they also retain the power to end the copy relationship on their own. The copied investors are compensated by monthly subscription charges on behalf of the trader actively seeking to copy their day to day trades.

Using Copy Trading To Learn From The Experts

TiMarkets will use its copy trading platform to enable users to have access to expert traders. It will leverage their trading history as well as strategies. Once a user finds a highly reliable trader, they will be able to link a portion of their own funds to that particular trader’s account.

In this way, any position that the expert trader might want will immediately be copied to the copying trader’s own account as well. Here, the amount that will be invested in the copied trade will depend upon the total amount that has been put up for investment by the copying trader. Apart from that, it will also depend upon the total allowed percentage of the amount that might be invested in one trade.

Many online traders trust this system completely. This way, even a new trader will be able to avail the help and guidance of an expert and they will know that they are not trading alone.

However, copy trading is not just a valuable tool for inexperienced traders. A lot of expert traders now also use copy trading as one of the best means of conducting market research. It saves them the time and resources required to conduct market research on their own. They can also use the knowledge they have acquired from copy trading to create a new trading strategy that they will implement for attaining higher profits.

Why You Should Consider Copy Trading With Us?
  • If you are a first time trader, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the financial markets and gain the confidence to start trading on your own.
  • If you are an experienced trader, you will be able to take part in the market when you are hard-pressed for time.
  • You can use copy trading on various instruments, such as forex trading, stocks trading, commodities exchange, and much more.
  • Lastly, you will be part of a community of traders—that is one of beginners and experienced alike. You will be able to exchange ideas, evolve strategies, and increase the profitability of your trading ventures.
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