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TiMarkets Terms And Conditions

You are hereby advised to read all of these terms and conditions carefully before making your first transaction

By accessing the TiMarkets website, you hereby agree to be bound by all the terms and conditions mentioned below. These terms and conditions are pertaining to both this site as well as any material available on the site. TiMarkets reserves the right to change any and all of these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.

You are, therefore, entirely responsible for regularly viewing and reviewing these terms and conditions. The continued use of the TiMarkets website following any such changes shall establish your formal acceptance of such changes. However, if you do not in any way agree with these terms and conditions, then you are advised to refrain from accessing this website.

The Ownership Of The Site

TiMarkets both owns and maintains this website. This is why no act of downloading or in any way copying or plagiarizing from this website will transfer the title to any material, text, pictures or software from this website to you. Moreover, anything that you will transmit to this website will automatically become the property of TiMarkets and might be used by TiMarkets for any and all purposes within the ambit of the law.

This is further subject to full disclosure as deemed right by TiMarkets, including submission to any regulatory or legal or authority to which TiMarkets is subject. TiMarkets reserves all the rights and privileges with respect to ownership of all the material present at this website. This is why it will effectively enforce all such rights to the fullest extent of the law under which it is governed.

Services Provided

Subject to the acceptance of the customer’s application to open an account with TiMarkets, the site will maintain one or more accounts in the customer’s name. It will also affect transactions with and for the customer in the foreign currency markets on a spot basis.

The site will also provide all such other services as TiMarkets may at its sole discretion, determine at any time in the future.

Representations And Warranties

Here the date will mean the date of each contract and other transactions in the customer’s account and any date on which TiMarkets’s trading policies are revised, amended or updated. The customer represents and warrants to TiMarkets and agrees to the following:

A customer is a natural person, he or she is of sound mind, is of legal age and is of legal competence.

The execution and delivery of all contracts and other transactions performed by TiMarkets hereunder have been duly and specifically authorized by the customer.

The execution and delivery of all transactions performed by TiMarkets will not violate any rule, regulation, statute, charter, ordinance, by-law or any policy applicable to TiMarkets ‘s customer.

All the information provided by the customer to TiMarkets, including but not limited to information regarding the customer’s trading experience and investment history is correct, true, and complete and the customer will notify TiMarkets of any changes in such information as soon as they occur.

The customer acknowledges that he has received no guarantees either implied or explicit from TiMarkets or from any of its representatives or other entity associated with TiMarkets with whom he or she is conducting his TiMarkets account. He or she has not entered into any agreement in consideration of or in reliance upon any such warranty (express or implied) or similar representation.


The customer agrees to be fully and conclusively responsible for any and all instructions that are received electronically and that are identified with the customer’s password and confidential account number. Furthermore, they are responsible for all electronic, written and oral instructions (including, but limited to) that they give to TiMarkets. They are also responsible for all instructions that TiMarkets in its sole judgment, believes that they are authorized by the customer.


All the material contained in the site, including but not otherwise limited to all information data, text, and related material is declared to be owned, unless otherwise expressly stated herein, by TiMarkets. As such, this data will not be allowed to be copied, displayed transmitted, performed, or distributed (either for financial compensation or otherwise), altered, licensed, stored framed, for subsequent use, or in any way used in whole or in part thereof in any manner whatsoever, without TiMarkets’s prior and explicit written consent.

Access to the Site

This website and all the information contained herein, including all tools, platforms, and software applications and material are not directed to, or even intended for subsequent distribution to or use by, any natural person or entity. That is, one who is a resident or a citizen of or otherwise located in any area of jurisdiction whereupon such distribution, availability, publication, or use would in any way be considered to be contrary to the law or regulation of that jurisdiction. This also includes any and all actions that would subject TiMarkets as well as its affiliates to any licensing or registration requirement within said jurisdiction.

The above terms and conditions are in addition to any and all other agreements that take place between you and TiMarkets including any customer or account agreements, per se.

Understanding These Terms And Conditions At The Time Of Opening Transaction

Accepting the terms and conditions mean that the customer has read and understands the provisions contained therein. He or she is cognizant of TiMarkets’s trading policies and procedures. It is incumbent upon the customer to thoroughly review these terms and conditions each time they are amended.

It is also incumbent upon the customer to understand that he or she will not affect any transaction in his or her account until and unless he or she understands TiMarkets’s above terms and conditions. And he or she agrees that conducting any opening transaction is deemed to mean that he or she has read and has understood TiMarkets’s terms and conditions and has agreed to them at the time of conducting such opening transaction.

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